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Top 10 Solar Energy Solutions Companies Europe - 2022

As with most technologies, the cost of manufacturing and installing solar technologies has continued to fall as more and more customers are adopting them. As it flexes its competitive muscle with mass adoption, the solar energy industry will likely boost efforts to explore new configurations and business models. That said, with continued development, solar energy technology’s durability and cost-effectiveness will make it an attractive proposition for larger businesses, where ongoing maintenance expenses can be substantial. Likewise, the increased demand for solar energy will also create the need for installation, maintenance, and repair services. In addition, with increasing government initiatives to cut down on carbon emissions to tackle climate change, more businesses will take advantage of various schemes, tax breaks, and other subsidies as incentives to adopt solar energy.

Over the years, Solar Energy has come a long way in showing its true potential to change the way companies think of energy production. Whether it is an environmentally conscious business shift or merely seeking cost-cutting solutions to balance the books, one thing is clear; solar energy is going to be a primary source of energy for businesses in the coming years.

In this edition of Energy Tech Review Europe, we present the list of the Top 10 Solar Energy Solution Providers that are at the forefront of innovation in Europe. We also bring to you thought leadership articles and exclusive insights from expert CIOs and CXOs - Mitchell Board, Global Head and Future Energies at Puma Energy, Shawn Shaw, Head of Solar and Energy Storage at Natural Power, Olivier Lodeho, Head of Technology Group, at Subsea 7 presenting their ideas and opinions on prevalent challenges and trends in the solar energy technology space. We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and the RPO organizations featured in this edition help you make informed decisions for your organization.

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    Top Solar Energy Solutions Companies Europe

  • Nestled in the glittering capital city of Budapest, EcoSolifer is a testament to the country’s thriving technology sector. Specialising in photovoltaic (PV) power generation, the company is making next-gen manufacturing processes, solar cells, and modules with increased performance and reduced energy costs a tangible reality. EcoSolifer is ending the quest for better solar cell efficiency with a powerful combination of two PV technologies—crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon thin film—referred to as heterojunction technology. Today, as a pioneer in heterojunction technology, EcoSolifer leverages decades of PV know-how of Hungarian scientists to empower organisations with turnkey PV solutions based on thin film deposition technology and the application of PV modules.

  • NICE Solar Energy, founded in 2017 as an international research joint venture, stands for long-term photovoltaic production techniques, with a combined 40 years of experience

  • Avalon


    Avalon offers affordable, high-accuracy, large area, LED Solar Simulators with high performance

  • Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ)

    Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ)

    Canadian Solar is one of the world’s largest solar photovoltaic products and energy solutions providers, as well as one of the largest solar power plant developers globally

  • Eternity Technologies

    Eternity Technologies

    Eternity provides turnkey PV solutions based on thin film deposition technology and the application of PV modules

  • Fimer


    The innovative high-power inverter and modular storage solutions of Fimer are one of the quickest and easiest to install solutions in the market

  • Heliac


    Heliac provides solar solutions that have the capacity to excel in performance, costs and versatility, thereby having the potential to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of global process industries

  • Jurchen Technology

    Jurchen Technology

    Jurchen Technology specializes in manufacturing high-quality substructure and DC cabling for solar power plants. Their quality of materials and workmanship insures that the products are built to last even under the toughest conditions. The company’s engineering team provides solutions that are simplified and customized to customers’ needs

  • Megasol Energie AG

    Megasol Energie AG

    Megasol is the leading manufacturer of solar modules and mounting systems throughout Europe, offering expert consultation and smart all-in-one solutions from a single source

  • Valoe (HEL: VALOE)

    Valoe (HEL: VALOE)

    Valoe provides customized solar cell and panel solutions & manufacturing technology for customers

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